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"South-South" refers to the interaction and cooperation between two or more countries of the developing world. It follows a growing phenomenon of developing countries sharing best practices and development policy between each other, thus complementing and at times bypassing traditional forms of North-South cooperation.

The South-South Awards honors countries of the global South but also references the need to share best practices and examples of good development policy so they can be transferred to other developing countries.

The South-South Awards are organized and supported by permanent missions to the United Nations, UN agencies, civil society and private sector organizations related to the annual theme.
The South-South Awards is an event that is co-organized and supported by a consortium of UN agencies, governments and private organizations related to the annual theme. It is held during the opening of the UN General Assembly high-level debate in September.
The Awards ceremonies are financed through contributions from supporting stakeholders and organizers who share the objectives of the South-South Awards, the annual theme, and the overarching goal of global development.
The Awards are selected by the Awards Committee based on the theme of the year. Individuals and/or countries are selected based on variable factors, but are chosen through the deliberation of publicly available data from credible international sources, such as official United Nations reports or publications.
South-South Awards are presented as gold trophies to the winners during the Awards Gala. South-South Awards Recognitions are gold and silver plates given to individuals in honor of ongoing commitments and progress in key areas of development. Recognitions can be awarded outside of the gala ceremony on an ad hoc basis.
Distinguished individuals and organizations from government, the United Nations, private sector and civil society are eligible for South-South Awards as long as they meet the criteria established by the South-South Awards Committee, including relevance to the annual theme, the availability of reliable data to deliberate Award status, and their standing in the global development community.


The 2015 South-South Awards takes place during the annual General Debate of the United Nations General Assembly in September in New York City. Time and exact location are provided to invitees on their personalized invitations.
Awards are selected for presentation to individuals and organizations ahead of the event based on the theme of the year. Check back here for updates on who the 2015 winners are.

The invitations addressed to Heads of State or Government are transferable to Heads of Delegations (Ministerial / deputy minister’s level) as one plus one guest (1+1) passes. If additional event passes are requested, we will evaluate responses from other missions and will be working to accommodate all requests accordingly. Kindly RSVP using the same instructions included with the original invitation. If necessary, we can produce another invitation addressed to the head of your delegation, as communicated by your mission.

Ambassador Level - the invitation is transferable to the level of Deputy Permanent Representative, plus one guest. Kindly RSVP using the same instructions included with the original invitation.

The South-South Awards continue the tradition of recognizing those who uphold the founding purposes and principles of the United Nations. The 2015 Awards ceremony is organized in support of the UN Summit for the adoption of the post-2015 development agenda and the 70th anniversary of the United Nations. The event will honor governments, organizations, and individuals who have made significant contributions to the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals.

We expect circa 6 awardees representing countries, international community, humanitarians and civil society, cultural and artistic icons.

The 2015 South-South Awards nomination and selection process was based on thorough consultations with the Awards co-organizers and supporters. The governmental nominees were preselected based on the extensive research of the available data from UN reports, such as - The Millennium Development Goals report 2015; Report of the Secretary-general on the work of the Organization (A/70/1); The State of Food Insecurity in the World, 2015 (FAO, IFAD, WFP). While recognizing the efforts, contributions and achievements of all MDGs, the main emphasis was put on the results towards achieving Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. The geographical distribution, size of countries, population and resources, different level of development, and the complexity of economic and social problems were also taken into consideration.

It is important to highlight that all 2015 South-South Awards nominees are among the countries monitored by FAO that have achieved the MDG1 target. The list of awardees will be announced at a later stage.

Invitations to the 2015 South-South Awards were addressed based on previous participation to UN meetings from member states, as well as preliminary information on participation at the Summit for the Adoption of the Post-2015 Development Agenda and the General Assembly general debate. Pending further responses, we will be able to communicate the number of participants at the level of Head of State and Government, Ministers, and Ambassadors at a later date.
The gala event will be a reception for Heads of State and Government and other VIP guests from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm, followed by the sit-down dinner in which guests will have the opportunity to witness both the awards ceremony and world-class entertainment in the form of performing artists, musicians and celebrities.

The room will feature a head table reserved for Heads of State and Government surrounded by a number of tables, of up to 10 people each, which will accommodate all other guests. At request, Missions delegations can all be seated at one table or they can be spread among attending United Nations officials, private sector and civil society representatives, and celebrities.

The South-South Awards are broadcasted via satellite to be picked up free of charge by television channels around the globe. This event is also webcasted worldwide through our website:


Invitations are decided by the South-South Awards Invitation Committee and are delivered to pre-selected individuals from groups representing the main stakeholders of global development, such as high level officials from the United Nations, heads of state, and members of the New York and international diplomatic community.
Information on guest allowances are provided in your invitation. Due to the popularity of this event, access is limited to the number of guests indicated on your personalized invitation.
RSVPs can be made by following the instructions written in your invitation.
Invitations are made by the South-South Awards Committee from the main stakeholders of global development, such as high level officials from the United Nations, heads of state, and members of the New York and international diplomatic community.
The dress code for the South-South Awards is Black Tie / Formal.
You can reach the South-South Awards organizing team at the contact address provided in your invitation.