Information for Press & Media

International and local media covering the Red Carpet and the 2011 South-South AwardsAccess to the South-South Awards for members of the press is dependent upon regulations laid out by the venue and is not in the control of the South-South Awards organizers. As such, entrance and coverage of the South-South Awards may be restricted. However, the organizing committee will take all reasonable steps to provide content and press information to representatives of bona fide media organizations that agree to adhere to the following criteria:

- Coverage of the South-South Awards, its organizers, participants, and supporters, is not made in any way that can be construed as false, libelous or slander;

- All material, including videos, photos, graphics, and press releases are attributed to their original source following standard media attribution guidelines;

- Material provided is not clipped, edited, altered, or modified in any way that misrepresents the events or facts of the ceremony;

In the likely event that the venue allows access for media, specific information on how to register and attend the Awards ceremony will be provided ahead of time.

*The South-South Awards Committee reserves the right to deny or revoke access to media at its discretion.